Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics Planning to Introduce Cloud Top This Year

Feb 13, 2020

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are planning to introduce a new monitor device called “cloud top” this year.
This device is designed so that consumers can use computing power from their smartphones and it does not require a CPU or an OS. It allows consumers to work on documents or edit videos on a larger screen when they currently perform those tasks on small screens of smartphones.
Because the device is based on a brand-new technology, it will be interesting to see whether it can open up a new market.
According to South Korea’s electronics industry, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are currently working on cloud top with a target release date to be in the second half of this year.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics Planning to Introduce Cloud Top This Year

Cloud top is used by connecting it to a smartphone through Bluetooth or wired connection. Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have focused on its portability and usability.
They have created this device due to increased requests from consumers who want to watch videos on a large screen. The device is expected to pioneer a new market between the markets for laptops and tablet PCs.
Unlike a laptop, a cloud top does not have a keyboard. Although it looks similar to a tablet PC, it is much lighter and thinner as it does not require its own computing system.
Samsung Electronics decided to call its cloud top as “Samsung DeX Book”.
In 2017, Samsung Electronics introduced a service called “Samsung DeX”, which provided a desktop environment by connecting a smartphone to an external display. “Samsung DeX Book” has basically implemented Samsung DeX service into a device.
Samsung DeX Book has a 14.1-inch display that provides FHD resolution. It has excellent portability as it weighs less than 1kg. Its battery capacity is 10,000mAh that allows one to use DeX Book for a long period of time with single charge. It can also perform functions similar to that of a laptop and a desktop by being paired to cloud game or cloud PC service.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics Planning to Introduce Cloud Top This Year

LG Electronics is also developing a similar monitor device. It is understood that LG Electronics’ device will have similar size and resolution as DeX Book and weigh around 600g. Battery capacity is 5,000mAh while its thickness is expected to be around 9mm.
It is heard that both of their devices are going to be priced between $339 (400,000 KRW) and $424 (500,000 KRW). Although they are more expensive than tablet PCs, their displays are much bigger than that of tablet PCs.
Both Samsung and LG are planning to pioneer a brand-new market with their devices.
It is unusual to see both Samsung and LG introducing a similar product at a similar time. This indicates that there is an increase in number of consumers who prefer larger screens while using smartphones. Cloud top consolidates strengths and weaknesses of a laptop and a tablet.
Their devices can also perform multitasks. For example, one can send a message through his or her smartphone and enjoy a game on a cloud top at the same time.
Samsung and LG are planning to release their new devices sometime in the middle of the third quarter and start productions in the second quarter at the earliest. Although there can be a setback to their production and release dates due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, it does not seem that release dates will not be postponed too much as a result of the recent coronavirus outbreak.
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