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      About Us

      No.1 IT Portal in Korea

      Most of e-business leaders and internet professionals in korea turn to ETNews for driving their organizations and searching foe the up-to-date IT related news.
      ETNews is your internet destination providing all thr information you

      Electronic Times Internet was founded and developed by the ETnews(www.etnews.com), the internet new media department in The Electronic Times, the most prominent daily newspaper specializing information technology in Korea, for the purpose of providing a variety of IT portal services on the internet.

      After changing its name from 'ETnews' to 'Electronic Times Internet', ETnews has concentrated its efforts on providing diverse IT based online services as well as making IT-news available on the internet from The Electronic Times in print. As the nation's best IT specialized portal, ETnews will continue to provide speedy and accurate news and analysis on a world wide base.

      ETnews will keep trying to become the world's best IT portal and information resources servicing every digital information all over the world.

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