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      ETNews is the leading IT portal delivering a combination of business and technology information in Korea and provides analysis of the major industry trends and market situation as well as new additional service.

      ETNews's trusted and reliable resources attract powerful, educated and more upscale audience and they make ETNews more unique and glorious. With the help of those loyal readers, ETNews has become the most, respected Digital Portal in a country. ETNews offers the competitive environment and the most targeted media opportunities to advertisers looking for influential purchasers.

      By advertising on ETNews, you can make your business more successful and you will realize how effective it is.

      Address : 701, World Meridian Venture Center Ⅱ, 436-5, Kasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
      Tel : +82-2-857-0114 (Ext.1)
      Fax : +82-2-857-0126
      Email : marketing@etnews.com

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